I explore the 12 tallest modern and ancient pyramids around the world.  Let’s start with the twelfth tallest pyramid and work out way down to the tallest pyramid in the world.  So, what are the largest pyramids in the world?  Moreover, who has the most pyramids in the world?  Additionally, where are the biggest pyramids in the world?

12. Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico

Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico

Pyramid of the Sun is located on Avenue of the Dead in the ancient city of Teotihuacan, Mexico.  It’s 65.5 meters tall therefore the twelfth tallest pyramid on the list.  To give you an idea of the size, that’s me stood in the foreground!  Additionally, it’s one of the few ancient pyramids which you can still climb today.  The whole Teotihuacan complex is a protected UNESCO site and is also home to the 43 meter tall Pyramid of the Moon.  Finally, read about how to visit Teotihuacan on a day trip from Mexico City.

11. Great Pyramid of Cholula, Mexico

Great Pyramid of Cholula, Mexico

Officially called Tlachihualtepetl, the Great Pyramid of Cholula is 66 meters tall.  However, this huge pyramid is now covered with grass and forest.  What’s more, the Our Lady of Remedies Church sits on top of it.  Once upon a time Tlachihualtepetl was the centerpiece of an ancient city.  As a matter of fact, the ancient city of Cholula had over 100,000 inhabitants.

10. La Danta, Guatemala

La Danta, Guatemala

La Danta is the only pyramid from Central America on the tallest pyramids list.  At 72 meters tall it’s the tenth tallest pyramid in the world.  La Danta pyramid is located at El Peten, deep in the jungle of Guatemala.  However, it’s relatively easy to visit.  When you thought about where are the biggest pyramids in the world?  You surely didn’t consider Guatemala!

9. Memphis Pyramid, Tennessee – Modern Day Pyramids

Memphis Pyramid, Tennessee

At 98 meters tall, Memphis Pyramid is the ninth tallest pyramid in the world.  Of course, Memphis Pyramid is one of the modern day pyramids and was completed in 1991.  Originally, this was a sports venue but today it serves as a shopping mall and hotel.  It’s located right in the heart of Memphis, adjacent to the Mississippi River.  Finally, why not book a room in Memphis Pyramid Hotel?

8. Bent Pyramid, Egypt

Bent Pyramid, Egypt

The Bent Pyramid of Egypt is 105 meters tall and around 4600 years old.  It’s believed that during the construction of the Bent Pyramid that it become unstable.  For this reason, the top half of the pyramid was built at a shallower angle.  Nonetheless, at 4600 years old, I’m sure the Bent Pyramid will outlive any of the modern pyramids on the list.

7. Red Pyramid, Egypt

Red Pyramid, Egypt

The Red Pyramid is a hidden gem in Egypt.  Firstly, it’s a very well kept and a perfectly symmetrical shaped pyramid.  Secondly, you can photograph it with a windy sand road leading up to it.  Thirdly, it’s not a popular tourist sight therefore you could have the Red Pyramid to yourself.  Finally, at 105 meters tall it’s the seventh tallest pyramid in the world.

6. Luxor Pyramid, Nevada

Luxor Pyramid, Nevada

Luxor Pyramid is a major casino on the Las Vegas strip and one of the modern day pyramids.  As a matter of fact, both the pyramid and the Sphinx are two top Las Vegas landmarks.  Inside the Luxor Pyramid, as well as a casino you’ll find lots of restaurants, shops, bars, nightclubs and a huge hotel.  Why not book a room in the Luxor for your stay in Las Vegas?  Lastly, Luxor Pyramid is 107 meters tall and is visible from space due to the strong light at the top.  This pyramid does not initially come to mind when you first think, what are the largest pyramids in the world?!

5. Pyramid of Khafre, Egypt

Pyramid of Khafre, Egypt

When you think of pyramids, most people think of the ancient Egyptian pyramids.  Pyramid of Khafre is 137 meters tall and the second tallest ancient Egyptian pyramid.  For me, it’s also the most identifiable as it still has some of its limestone covering intact.  You may recognize the Pyramid of Khafre from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  Read about the best places to photograph the ancient pyramids of Egypt.

4. Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the tallest ancient pyramid in the world.  At 139 meters tall it’s 2 meters taller than the adjacent Pyramid of Khafre.  It’s official name is the Pyramid of Khufu and is in fact, the tomb of Fourth Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu.  You may recognize the Great Pyramid of Giza from The Bucket List where Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman sat on top of it.  When I visited, I discovered the best places to photograph the ancient pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx.  Lastly, to answer the question, who has the most pyramids in the world?  Egypt.

3. Transamerica Pyramid, California – 3rd Largest Pyramid in the World

Transamerica Pyramid, California, 3rd Largest pyramid in the World

Transamerica Pyramid is the third tallest pyramid in the world at 260 meters tall.  As a matter of fact, when it was built in 1972, it was the eighth tallest building in the world.  As a result, there’s much more to see in San Francisco than the the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.  Read about other famous San Francisco landmarks.

2. The Shard, United Kingdom – Second Largest Pyramid in the World

The Shard, United Kingdom

The Shard in London is one of the last places which comes to mind when you imagine a pyramid.  However, technically, The Shard is a modern pyramid.  At 310 meters tall, it’s the tallest pyramid in the West.  Additionally, you can dine in the rooftop restaurant and stay in the Shard Hotel.  Read about 32 iconic London landmarks.  Enjoy the second largest pyramid in the world.

1. Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea – Tallest Pyramid in the World

Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea

Here we are, what are the largest pyramids in the world? Hotel Ryugyong is the tallest pyramid in the world and it’s located in the center of Pyongyang, North Korea.  It’s 330 meters tall but Hotel Ryugyong is surprisingly an abandoned modern day pyramid.  As a result it’s also the largest unfinished building in the world.  Do you want to know more about the tallest pyramid in the world?  Read about my visit to North Korea and Hotel Ryugyong photography.

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