Even if we sometimes unintentionally avoid realizing it as it’s not the happiest feelings of them all that are aroused, are parents (and close relatives) are growing older.  This signifies that we have to act in advance, and accommodate them, according to their specific necessities as well as our own capabilities.

Taking care of can turn out to be challenging sometimes, and as we ourselves are especially trained for such an occasion, we might lead to mental exhaustion, and parallelly provide services of lower caring quality to our beloved ones.

As their every day rhythm and correspondence in everyday activities decreases, as well as in the case of chronic illness, we should seriously consider the possibility of either address to live – in care service and collaborate with a professional, or contact with an assisting life facility or nursing home.

We believe that the first choice comes with many more benefits against the others, and that’s why we decided to more extendedly analyse them, and contribute to your final decision.

1. There is no other place like home

For someone recovering from a temporary illness or an injury, as for someone suffering from a long-term condition, being in a familiar environment with all their belongings, is crucial for their mental state, as well as for the speed of the recovery.

Readapting in a place full of new stimulus might cause great discomfort with negative impact.  Plus, when staying at the comfort of their home, it’s possible to still be close to any existing pet.

2. Independence is a part of Dignity

It’s not about them not abandoning the ease of their own home in order to get their need met, but mostly about someone from A-List Care Elite taking accountability and doing their best to support them.  Maintaining wholesome the routine of your everyday life, with no further changes than welcoming your caregiver at home and either let them or help them with the duties, is the definition of preserving your independence at its maximum level.  And when you preserve your self-sufficiency, your confidence remains at high levels, a fast that also doesn’t affect your perception of your dignity.

3. A meaningful 1-to-1 Relationship

Ageing comes most of the time with great loneliness and possible isolation too.  Those conditions although are not very helpful for the overall well-being of a person, despite the existence or not of other chronic health issues.  So, another reason to seek support is to fight in advance the consequences of social withdrawal.  Live-in care services, come with the advantage of offering the foundation for creating a strong bond in-between the two people, and unlocking the potential for a deep sense of security and emotional support.