Well, let’s be honest.

Like your birthday, your anniversary is yet another special day that only comes once in a year.  And, in this case, it’s not only you who’s associated with it.  There’s another person involved in the same as well.  And as their better half, it falls under your responsibility to make them feel special on such an occasion.  For that, creating or decorating your bedroom for a surprise romantic endeavour may be the right way to begin your venture.  Let’s see how you can work on it.

Step – 1: Taking Care of the Lighting

Lighting is the very first thing that will set the mood of a woo-ey night.  So if you want to do it strategically, we’d suggest you begin your journey from here.  And you should start by…

1: Turning Off the Harsh Lighting

The overhead light in your room will certainly brighten your day.  But, it will be quite harsh to look at and definitely won’t set up the romantic mood you want to instill.  So, instead of using that, go for a small lamp or two.  Place them right alongside the walls near your room in order to enhance the core relaxed feeling within it.  If you want to go the extra mile, you should –

  • Swap out the regular bulbs with colored ones.  Purple and red are known to be the hues of romance, love, and intimacy.
  • The soft lining can be extended to the bathroom as well, as it can make the mood even better.  A brighter lamp there might put a damper on the feel you’re instilling.

2: Placing Candles Throughout the Room

Candles of different colors, height, and texture can create a more alluring ambiance.  However, if you are buying them solely for the occasion, go for the LED ones.  They are safer and much more economical, especially as you can use them again and again.  Here’s how you need to place them –

  • Keep a candle in every corner of your room while the others should be spread through its perimeter.  Make sure that it’s placed on a stable surface for more safety.
  • If you’re using a bunch of scented candles, go for something that can complement each other through and through.  For example, rose and sandalwood adjunct pretty well.

Step – 2: Decorating the Bed

Once you have lit the room well and truly, it’s time for you to start decorating the bed.  Here is how you can work on it.

1: Spreading Rose Petals

As a symbol of love, rose petals can also add a touch of drama to your romantic hue.  And yes, make some effort and opt for real roses instead of artificial ones. If you don’t have much time, you can also choose to take the help of the best international flower delivery service.  They will send the flower to your home at their earliest convenience and save you from going here and there for it.  Also, you can get almost any type of rose from them.  So if you want, you can also try to get a long-stem rose or two to make the night even steamier.  Just be careful of the tiny thorns it comes with, though!

2: Adding a Canopy on Top of Your Bed

Thinking about creating a private little cocoon of love in your bedroom?  Well, there’s no need to get a specifically-designed canopy bed for that.  Instead, you may opt for a curtain and hang it at the top of your bed.  An unromantic-looking mosquito netting will work perfectly too.  Or, if you want to make the experience much more exclusive – opting for a bed canopy can be useful too.  Apart from that, you can also go for the following –

  • A hang curtain or a sheet hanged from the ceiling will look pretty decent too.  However you must ensure to drape it loosely so that it can billow around the bed.
  • You may also add layers of drapes to the windows to create a much more romantic and amorous feeling.  Go for softer colors rather than opting for something too vibrant.

3: Layering Different Textures

Mix silky, smooth fabrics alongside plush ones to delight the eyes even more.  Whilst you are making the bed, be sure to flip the sheet upside down.  This way you’ll get the frontal side of a decorative hem after flipping the sheet over your blanket.

If the sheet is smooth, you can put a textured blanket or a woven over it.  And after that, try to add a cloud-like comforter.  Throw blankets are an excellent option as well due to their texture and alluring color combination.  Try one in velvet or faux fur to make the combo even better.

4: Hitting Up the Bed with Pillows

Pillows are usually piled up on a bed to make it look comfortable from every aspect.  However that’s not where the benefits of the same ends, though.  Different types or sizes of pillows may also add some additional texture and variety on your regular-looking bed.

If you are unable to use an extra pillow sham, you can also wrap the same in a blanket.  If you want, you can also use a shirt or a sweater and tie its sleeves around the pillow.  This way, it’ll help the pillow get held in place and make the entire system look better.

Tying Up the Laces of Romanticism

So, you are done with everything we have shared in this article, right?  Well in that case, it’s time to buy a bottle of champagne, prepare a table, and put your drink in front of you two.  Also, don’t forget to keep the door laid-open, so that you can sit on the table with a smile while they are entering the room.  Trust us, it will add so much to the mood!