The year 2020 will go down in history as the year we all had to keep our distance.  But, how is a holiday possible when you have to keep your distance?  My 2020 holiday solution involves 2 things.  Firstly, motorhome hire which means you’ll avoid hotels and other people whilst traveling.  Secondly, visit quiet areas such as many of Northern England’s beauty spots.  Here I will explore a few beauty spots and share a few inspirational images.

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Yorkshire green dales

The Yorkshire Dales has been made famous by motor bikers as they cruise over green rolling hills, for which you can get temporary motorcycle insurance for a shorter period of time.  What could be more rewarding than driving between the dry limestone walls as you view the stunning landscape which surrounds you?  What’s more, the deeper you drive into the Yorkshire Dales, the more peaceful it becomes.

Roe Deer in the Yorkshire Dales

Due to the remoteness of the Yorkshire Dales, you’re guaranteed to see a lot of wildlife.  Even as you drive your motorhome from place to place you may be being watched by resident deer!

Red Kite in the Yorkshire Dales

It’s not only beautiful scenery in the Yorkshire Dales.  When you look up there may be a rare bird flying overhead.  Red Kites are known to soar over the Dales!  In addition, you may see Kestrels, Sparrowhawks, Merlins and of course Buzzards.

Peak District National Park

Peak District National Park - Waterfall

For peaks, moorland and waterfalls, head to the Peak District.  This is also the only place in England where you can find the rare Mountain Hare.  Visit in winter when the Mountain Hare turns white!

North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Otter in North Pennines

The North Pennines is the northernmost beauty spot on my list and also the quietest.  For this reason, you can expect to see more wildlife.  An advantage of traveling by motorhome is that you can visit wildlife spots at the most likely time to see wildlife.  I saw this otter at 5.30 am and as you’d expect at this time, there was no-one else around.

Lake District National Park

Reflections in the Lake District

Perhaps, the most famous of England’s National Parks, it’s the stunning lakes that draw people here.  As a matter of fact, on a clear day I couldn’t think of of more beautiful place to drive through.

Sandpiper in the Lake District

Due to the amount of lakes and rivers in the Lake District you will have guaranteed bird sightings.  Don’t be surprised when you see Sandpipers or Kingfishers flying past at high speeds!

Lastly, as the Lake District is located on the West Coast of England, there are plenty of beaches.  With a motorhome, you have the luxury of driving to a quiet beach and potentially having it all to yourself.

North York Moors

Red Grouse - North York Moors

The famous Red Grouse is a common sight as you drive through the North York Moors.  Keep your eyes open as they are well camouflaged by the surrounding heather.  Do you know the big five of the North York moors?  They are Red Grouse, Lapwing, Golden Plover, Curlew and if you’re really lucky you may spot the Merlin!

Fancy a trip to the beach?  The famous beaches of Scarborough and Whitby are both a short drive away.

Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

As the name suggests, the Forest of Bowland is the place to visit if you love the forest.  Drive through miles and miles of uninterrupted forests.

Tawny Owl in Forest of Bowland

Every time I’ve visited the Forest of Bowland, rain or shine, I’ve seen a Tawny Owl.

Finally – In Search of a Barn Owl

barn owl at sunset

Park up near an empty barn at sunset and with some luck a majestic barn owl will make a show.  Barn Owls make their homes in empty barns throughout all the beauty spots of Northern England.

Enjoy exploring Northern England by motorhome.  Taking a holiday in 2020 means that visiting the quieter beauty spots independently by motorhome is the safest and most rewarding.