When you’re traveling the world, there are countless places that you can explore.  From the outbacks of Africa to the bustling streets of Paris, there are hidden wonders in every direction.  It’s understandable then that you might have missed out on some incredible gems and Malaysia could certainly be one of them.  It’s fair to see that Malaysia won’t typically be at the top of many travel lists.  But it definitely should be and here are some of the reasons why.

Visiting Kuala Lumpur

There’s a lot of things to love about the capital city of Malaysia.  Indeed, it has one of the most iconic sites in the world by which of course, we are referring to the Petronas Towers.  These are also commonly known as the Petronas Twin Towers due to the fact that they are a pair and yes they do somewhat resemble the ones which used to stand in New York City.  They add to the skyline in an incredible fashion and feature Islamic art motifs.

Of course, this is just one of the reasons why you might want to visit the capital city.  There’s even a sky bridge you can walk across between the two.  Kuala Lumpur is also a place where you will be able to spot wild monkeys close by to this location.  We haven’t even mentioned the incredible shopping experiences that await you here too.  There are a lot of big brands in this location that you could be perfect for a shopping trip.

Aside from this, there are some great places to stay too.  If you’re looking to relax in luxury, there are countless options around Malaysia.  For instance, you might want to think about visiting a place like Petalz Residence.  If you find an apartment to rent here, then you’ll benefit from access to your own private jacuzzi and countless other fantastic facilities.

Local Foods

If you’re a foodie, then there’s definitely a lot to love about Malaysia.  For instance, you can tantalize your taste buds with Nasi Kandar.  Considering a staple of Malaysia, the name means ‘mixed rice.’  Customers are given a full plate of rice and will be encouraged to try a variety of different toppings as well as sauces.  This is based around Tamil dishes and you’ll find that the flavor available reflects that.  There’s a big presence on both chili and curry powder.  Usually, foods like this will include everything from chicken to fish or even seafood as well as plenty of mixed veg.

Local Foods in Malaysia

Explore Penang

This is a wonderful island that you can discover off the coast of Malaysia.  The capital of this island is George Town and it is a UNESCO world heritage site.  There are many famous hotels where you can stay here.  Alternatively, you might want to think about visiting the tropical spice garden.  This is a wonderful place and highlights the local flora as well as the fauna that is present in the area.

Visit a National Park

You can also think about visiting a national park in Malaysia.  Taman Negara National Park is quite the beauty spot and has a regular stream of people visiting it.  Once you explore it yourself, you’ll find that it’s easy to see why.  It actually features the longest rope walkway in the world and that’s not the only reason to take a trip here.  There are countless treks around the location including what will ultimately result in a 100km round trip.  This is ideal for gentle hikes as well as those just beginning.  There’s a lot of different wildlife and plants to watch out for in this location too and it’s even home to a local indigenous tribe.

Take a Dive

Finally, there are lots of places for snorkling and diving around Malaysia.  However, one of the best is definitely going to be the Perhentian Islands.  These are absolutely incredible and you can visit them by taking a quick ferry which will easel allow you to dart between the various islands.  There are countless key attractions worth exploring here including the gorgeous golden beaches.  You can even enjoy a night out dining around the islands too.  If you find the right dining location, they’ll provide you with freshly caught fish to enjoy that are cooked beautifully over coconut husks

Take a dive in Malaysia

We hope this helps you understand why Malaysia could be a fantastic travel location and a key place that you don’t want to miss out on.  Great dining, exciting adventures and so much more awaits when you visit this fantastic place.