Kunstkraftwerk is a digital arts center in Leipzig.  Here are a few reasons to visit Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig:

  • Watch a Multimedia and Immersive Exhibition
  • Visually Listen to Local Hero Sebastian Bach
  • Learn the History of the Power Plant
  • Visit The Tower

Firstly, buy your skip the line ticket online in advance.  Now, let’s see what’s inside:

Machinery Hall – Maschinenhalle

Kunstkraftwerk - Machinery Hall

There are three main areas of the former Power Plant.  The machinery hall, the boiler hall and the tower.  My first stop was the machinery hall which is the largest hall.  Three multimedia shows play here on a loop.  When I visited, they were the Bach Experience, Hundertwasser Experience and Giants of the Renaissance.  But before we get into the shows, let’s look at the machinery hall itself.  Pay attention to detail in this room as there are still original pieces of machinery which the digital media is projected upon.

Bach Experience

BACH Experience

Firstly, I must talk about the Bach Experience because Sebastian Bach is a homegrown hero.  When you discover Leipzig not only can you visit his tomb in the church of St Thomas but you can also visit the Bach museum.  Why not visit Kunstkraftwerk and listen to his music with colorful media projections?  It’s amazing how birds flying in sync can seriously enhance the Bach music experience.

Hundertwasser Experience

Hundertwasser Experience

If you follow my Instagram feed you’ll know I’m a producer of colorful work.  For this reason, my favorite immersive show at Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig was the Hundertwasser Experience.  Friedensreich Hundertwasser was an Austrian artist from Vienna who like me, loved a little saturation.  I’m sharing a still picture of a projection above but imagine how it is when it’s moving and complemented by lively sound.

Giants of the Renaissance

Giants of the Renaissance

Giants of the Renaissance is another wonderful show in the Machinery Hall.  This show features artwork from famous artists, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael as well as Michelangelo.  I’ve been to the real Sistine Chapel in Vatican City where much of this original artwork is featured.  However, I must say that I’d rater enjoy the artwork in the relaxed location of the Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig.  Not only are there far fewer tourists but you can sit in a comfy seat whilst art is presented to you complemented by powerful music from the era.

Boiler Hall – Kesselhalle

Boiler Hall - Kesselhalle

The Boiler Hall is slightly smaller than the adjacent Machinery Hall.  It plays a series of shorter 10 minute immersive shows.  Like the Machinery Hall, you can see original equipment from the Power Plant around the room.  Again, these enhance your media show.

The Wonderful World of Alice

Kunstkraftwerk - The Wonder Worlds of Alice

When I visited, there were three 10 minute shows on loop.  As a result you can sit down and enjoy shows for as long as you wish.  The Wonderful World of Alice is pictured above which as you can imagine was incredibly creative.  In addition to the Wonderful World of Alice, the other two projections were WERK in Progress as well as Wish You Were Here.  Enjoy the shows!

The Tower

Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig - The Tower

Make sure you don’t miss the tower on your visit.  This area is full of photography, videography as well as interactive media.  For me, the stand out piece was the mirror.  Stand in a room surrounded by mirrors and enhanced by colorful media projections.  What’s more, these media projections were constantly changing therefore each photo opportunity was different.  Perfect for your Instagram feed!

Enjoy your Kunstkraftwerk Digital Arts Center Leipzig Visit

Enjoy your Kunstkraftwerk Digital Arts Center Leipzig Visit

If you’re into media, video, cinema, art, opera or history then you’re guaranteed to enjoy the visit.  Go to the official Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig site to view the latest events and shows.  Check their official Instagram page to view more pictures.  Finally, be sure to check out the unusual items as well as funky street art in the yard before you leave.

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