Going off-the-radar and exploring out-of-the-ordinary places is the perfect way to spend your holidays.  Instead of cruising to your regular destinations, why not swap the cruise for something unusual?  For example, book a cruise to Norway to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) or visit a few unexplored islands.

Moreover, now that International traveling is at its full potential, many of us are planning our next adventure.  A cruise is an ultimate way to spend a stress-free vacation since the cruise line will organize most of the itinerary for you.  You’ll just need to pay for extra activities not included in the package.

The list is endless; you can visit so many places; you just need to organize your itinerary and enjoy your time!  For that purpose, we’ve put together this list of cruises to unusual and remote locations just under the radar to help you make your choice.  Follow along to get familiar with the places you can visit and add them to your bucket list.


Off-the-Radar Cruise Destinations for an Unforgettable Experience

When it comes to unusual and remote islands, Galapagos should be at the top of the list.  This archipelago consists of 13 large and 6 smaller islands and offers a singular experience enriched with adventure, fun, unforgettable experiences, and unique getaways.  The islands are the home to the giant tortoises, a symbol of this area.

Charles Darwin formulated his theory of evolution in “The Origin of the Species” based on what he observed about flora and fauna during his stay on these islands.

When it comes to its beauty, Galapagos boasts breathtaking landscapes, mesmerizing views, pristine waters, rocky island formations, etc.  The islands with rocky formations were formed due to the volcanic activities from the underwater volcanoes that were never a part of a continent previously.

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Norway is home to gleaming glaciers, stunning fjords, the Northern Lights with flashing movements across the night sky, and many charming villages.  Norway is the best place to see the Aurora Borealis and experience the magic of one of the greatest light shows on Earth.

Since many of the breathtaking sites are along the coastline, the best way to explore Norway is by boat or cruise.  You’ll get to see and feel the unspoiled wilderness, learn more about the villages across the coastline and get closer to their lifestyle, culture, history, and Nordic flavors embedded in the local food.

And if you decide to visit Norway on a cruise, you must book a tour that goes through the beautiful fjord lands.  Flam is one of the most famous and most visited villages, located in the valley of the fjords.  You can take a long hike along the valleys and appreciate the area’s stunning beauty.


Off-the-Radar Cruise Destinations for an Unforgettable Experience

While we are in the Northern part of the hemisphere, it’s worth mentioning Iceland.  This Nordic country has plenty to offer.  Its isolated beauty, remoteness, and breath-taking landscapes are all you need when visiting Iceland.

This is a country of rumbling volcanoes, hot springs, mud pools, ice caps, and, let’s not forget, another vantage point to view Aurora Borealis.  Cruising through Iceland, you’ll witness the blend of the old, Nordic history and culture with the cosmopolitan lifestyle.  And of course, you must visit Reykjavik, a city with vibrant music and art.


Let’s head out to the Asian part of the globe. Indonesia is a true gem when it comes to history, culture, religion, art, and music.  It boasts a myriad of biodiversity, beaches, and magnificent islands.  Moreover, it’s the most popular country for its surfing and diving spots.

Indonesia is also a country of spirituality, yoga, meditation, and temples.  It’s located in southeast Asia and has more than 17,000 islands scattered through the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Sumatra, Java, Bali, and Sulawesi are some of the most famous Indonesian islands.  However, there are more secluded and remote islands, and you can enjoy their tranquil and calm atmosphere.

While cruising through Indonesia, visit Borneo, the island with one of the oldest rainforests and rich biodiversity.  You can go island-hopping and visit as many islands as possible.


Cuba is another great cruise destination with vibrant colors, charm, culture, revolutionary history, and iconic architecture.  You’ll find unique ecosystems in Cuba’s marine life, dive in Jardines de la Reina, or walk in the protected natural parks.

Furthermore, you can visit Trinidad; a Spanish colonial city painted with neo-Baroque buildings.  Once you’re on land, you can take a guided city tour, visit the old town, drink a glass of rum in the city’s historic heart, or go on a shopping spree.

Book Your Cruise Early

The cruise deals sell out pretty fast.  Some of the tours to the Galapagos are booked a year ahead.  So, if you’re planning on going on a cruise for your next vacation, make sure to make the booking in advance.